Where Is Game Of Thrones Filmed? Check Out These 20 Awesome Filming Locations

where is game of thrones filmed

Any hardcore Game of Thrones fans out there might all be asking the same question: “Where is Game of Thrones filmed?”

“These places look awesome!”

And we tend to agree with all of you GoT fans…

They do look awesome. And they’re real, awesome places!

You can visit the following countries to see several filming locations in one trip:

  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Spain

I know what you’re thinking…

“So you’re saying I get to visit some of the most beautiful countries in the world… while visiting the locations of my favorite GoT scenes at the same time?


Sounds like a win-win right?

Well, with the last season about to premiere…

We nerded out and made a list of some of our favorite filming locations!

So if you’re interested in finding out where to find the House of the Undying…

Or Arrowhead Mountain…

Or Jon Snow’s Love Cave…

Keep on reading fellow GoT fan!


1) Minceta Tower

Dreamer4787 / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: House of the Undying

Mineta Tower served as the outside appearance of the House of the Undying in season two.

In real life, the tower is the highest point of Dubrovnik’s fortified walls. During the 1300s, Minceta tower used to protect the city from enemy attacks. The tower’s walls are 6 meters thick!

Today, the tower remains standing tall as the symbol of the city.


2) Italica, Spain

stiopacom / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: King’s Landing Dragonpit

Head over to Italica, Spain to see where the biggest meeting of Game Of Thrones characters took place during the series.

Yep, this is where Daenerys and Jon finally meet Cersei. Where everyone finally sees a white walker in person. And the Hound and the Mountain reunite briefly.

The old amphitheater used to hold around 25,000 spectators during Ancient Roman times. It was one of the largest amphitheaters from the Roman Empire!

Most of the amphitheater is still intact ( 2 out of 3 stories )…

So we suggest you visit this iconic GoT filming location while you still can!


3) Kirkjufell, Iceland

arrowhead mountain game of thrones
Kazuki Yamakawa / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Arrowhead Mountain

You probably know this iconic location as Arrowhead Mountain. The mountain Jon and the others traveled to capture a white walker.

But in real life, this is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland.

The mountain lies next to the sea, beaches, and beautiful, green landscape. Kirkjufell is also one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

This is a bucket-list destination whether you are a GoT fan or not!


4) Itzurun Beach

Jose Arcos Aguilar / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Dragonstone

The Dragonstone appeared in the first episode of season 7 when the Daenerys finally completed her voyage across the Narrow Sea.

Besides the fact that it was on GoT, Itzurun Beach is a breathtaking sight to see!

The towering vertical cliffs and limestone walls measure up to 150 meters in height. And the jagged rocks sticking out of the water ( known as “flysch” ) is not something you get to see too often.


5) Castillo de Zafra

Amadeo AV / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Tower of Joy

This location is the setting where we learned the truth about Ned Stark’s sister and who her baby belonged to.

You can find this popular shooting location between Barcelona and Madrid.

Since it lies between two of the most visited cities in Spain, visiting Castillo de Zafra would make a great day trip for any GOT fan.

Unfortunately, the castle is privately owned and you must get permission to take a tour. But it’s still a great backdrop for photos!


6) Trsteno

Tuomas Lehtinen / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: King’s Landing Palace Gardens

Some of the best conversations with Olenna Tyrel took place in this neat courtyard.

The King’s Landing Palace Gardens real-life location is in the town of Trsteno, Croatia. This location is only 20 minutes north of Dubrovnik ( you can see several GoT sites by visiting Dubrovnik )!


7) Alcazar of Seville

Vlad G / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Dorne’s Water Palace of Sunspear

The filming crew managed to get approval to shut down half of this beautiful palace to complete the filming of Dorne.

In the series, the palace serves as the summer home of the royal Martell family.

In real life, the Alcázar of Seville is the biggest tourist attraction of Seville. And one of the best palaces you’ll ever see.


8) Ait Ben Haddou

Alberto Loyo / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Yunkai

The Slaver Bay’s city-state of Yunkai was actually shot at a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ait Ben Haddou is a 17th century city that served as a pit stop for those traveling through the Sahara Desert.


9) Ballintoy Harbor

PhotoFires / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Iron Islands

Right off the coast of Northern Ireland, you’ll find Ballintoy Harbor. This area in Ireland is a lovely place to visit in real life.

Most of the shots of the landscape and the coastline of the Iron Islands is Ballintoy Harbor.


10) Osuna, Spain

gvictoria / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Daznak’s Pit

Osuna the small town where you’ll find the Daznak’s Pit. This is the location where Daenerys and the Meereen slave masters used for the slave battles.


11) Dark Hedges

Scott Heaney / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: King’s Road

Yes, the King’s Road is an actual place you can visit ( no CGI needed ).

You can find these 18th century beech trees in Northern Ireland. No one really knows how they grew together to look as cool as they do now, but we’re all glad they did!

Since the filming of GoT, the location has become a huge tourist attraction.


12) Šibenik, Croatia

Bumble Dee / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Braavos

The plazas and alleyways in the old town of Šibenik helped the filming team create the look and feel of Braavos.


13) Grjótagjá

Filip Fuxa / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Jon Snow’s Love Cave

Grjótagjá is a small volcanic cave near Lake Mývatn in northeastern Iceland.

It’s where Jon Snow and Ygritte have a little sexy time during a hot and steamy scene.

Take a break from the Blue Lagoon and head over to this cave where the water can reach temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit!


14) Barruecos, Spain

Eduardo Estellez / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Loot Train Attack

You might recognize the scene from season 7 when Daenerys unleashed her dragon against the Lannisters. One of the most epic episodes in the series in my opinion.

But in real life, Los Barruecos is a nature reserve that lies near the city of Cáceres. It’s about a 3-hour drive from Madrid and definitely worth a day trip.


15) Krka National Park, Croatia

ZM_Photo / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Westeros Riverlands

The Westeros Riverlands got its looks from the goregous waters of Krka National Park in Croatia.

Check out the Krka River and the travertine waterfalls. The park has some of the best waterfalls in the world!


16) Castillo de Almodovarde Rio

Oliver Hoffmann / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Highgarden

The Lannisters were able to take over this castle in season 7 rather quickly. It was also when Olenna Tyrell spilled the beans about what really happened to Joffrey.

In real life, the Castillo de Almodovar lies 15 miles outside of Córdoba, Spain.


17) Dubrovnik, Croatia

BalkansCat / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: King’s Landing

Dubrovnik’s Old Town has seen a lot of GoT action since season 2. And we think this was a great choice for the GoT series.

Even before the series, Dubrovnik has always been one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

The city’s fortified walls still gives it the look and feel of a medieval city. And that’s why the crew decided to use Dubrovnik for the setting of King’s Landing.


18) Bardenas Reales

Davdav M / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Dothraki Sea

These Spanish badlands were a perfect filming location for the Dothraki Sea.

The Bardenas Reales consist of clay, chalk, and sandstone. The badlands transformed into their unique, wavy shapes through centuries of erosion.


19) Vik Beach, Iceland

K images / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Eastwatch-by-the-Sea

The real-life location for the castle at the farthest east side of the wall is Reynisfjara. It’s one of the most popular black sand beaches in the world.

Heck, it’s one of the most popular beaches periods.

Reynisfjara is about two and a half hours away from Reykjavik. So there is no excuse for not visiting the rare beach!


20) Vatnajokull

kavram / Shutterstock.com

Game of Thrones Location: Beyond the Wall

Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, is the filming location for most scenes set beyond the Wall ( our personal favorite).

And Vatnajökull is just as amazing as it looks in GoT!

The glacier is part of Vatnajökull National Park and the park has even more stunning visuals than what you see on television.

The park has an abundance of beautiful features that include:

  • black sand beaches
  • active volcanoes
  • huge ice caps
  • geothermal activity
  • Iceland’s highest mountain
  • Iceland’s deepest lake
  • glacial plateaus

If you ever visit Reykjavik, you have to stop by. It’s about a four-hour drive east of the capital. So make a nice day trip out of it.

Vatnajökull is a popular place for hiking and taking ice cave tours. But don’t forget to relax and take in the beautiful scenery!


Well, after looking at all of these filming locations…

I really hope you start planning a trip…

And not start binge-watching the entire GoT series for the 10th time!

Either way, we won’t judge 🙂

Have you ever visited one of these sites?

Tell us about your trip in the Comment Section!

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