Visiting Prague: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Trip

visiting prague


Thinking about visiting Prague?

What’s there to think about?

There’s not much to not like about the city.

The city is home to the largest castle in the world.

It’s one of the most romantic cities for couples to visit.

And the they have pretty good beer over there too!

If you’re looking for more information about Prague…

You’re at the right place!

In this post, we’re going to talk about:

  • Getting Around Prague
  • Top Things To Do In Prague
  • Where To Stay When Visiting Prague
  • Best Time of Year To Visit Prague

So if you have visiting Prague as part of your future plans…

Then keep on reading below!

Getting Around Prague


Prague currently uses the Czech Crown as its form of currency. Make sure to check the exchange rate before your visit.

Flying Into the Prague Airport?

The Prague Airport is about 20 km northwest of the city center. We recommend taking a taxi into town. It’s the quickest way into town with an estimated 30 minute drive.

Taking a shuttle or city bus into town can take up to one hour to reach the city center.

Tram and Metro

Besides walking, the tram and metro systems are the most efficient ways of getting around Prague.

Note: The city bus system does not really help around the city center. But if you’re exploring outside of the city center, the bus system is another reliable form of transportation.

Be care taking taxis during the evening. There are a lot of cases where rip-off drivers charge tourists more than they should.

Prague City Pass

We recommend getting the Prague City Pass if you’re staying in Prague for more than one day.

The pass will save you time and money during your trip.

Here are some benefits included with the pass:

  • Admission To The Most Popular Attractions like Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Free guided bus tour and free river tour
  • Numerous discounts on tours, trips, and restaurants
  • Skip the long ticket lines for attractions

And the another awesome feature of the pass is you can buy it online before you leave for your trip!

Top Things to Do In Prague

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is an ancient structure that’s over 1,000 years old.

It has amazing architecture and it displays the Bohemian Crown Jewels. Inside the walls you will see state rooms and historical art.

The Prague Castle has many historical buildings that include:

  • the Royal Summer Palace
  • Imperial Stables,
  • Ball Game Hall
  • the Prague Castle Riding School

On the castle’s grounds you can find:

  • the St George Covenant
  • the Royal Gardens
  • Stag Moat
  • Empire Greenhouse

The castle provides daily guided tours for visitors.

But if you don’t like large groups and you like to go at your own pace…

The castle also offers audio tours!

Prague Astronomical Clock

Lines of tourists gather hourly near Town Hall to see The Prague Astronomical Clock. 

It has moving statues, a procession of the apostles, and shows the visualization of time. This clock tracks Central European, Babylonian and Sidereal time.

It’s known as the last clock in the world that can do this. The clock calculates the position of the celestial bodies.

These features have made this clock is one of the most popular clocks in the world!

During the summer, the video mapping projection features shows the most important events in Czech history on the clock.

St Vitus Cathedral 

St Vitus Cathedral dates back to 925 A.D. and is a national treasure. It contains relics from the Passion of Christ that includes the Coronation Cross.

The cathedral is part of the Prague Castle Complex. Many would argue that the cathedral is Prague Castle. It’s the most noticeable part of the castle.

Visitors can take tours to view the cathedral’s stained glass windows and the detailed artwork.

Arrive early to avoid long lines and waiting.

One of the highlights of the tour is the silver tomb of St. John of Nepomuk.

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter in Prague goes by the name of Josefov. It dates back to the 13th century when Jewish people were not allowed to live anywhere else in Prague.

It was a very poor neighborhood but the people were able to save and restore many of the buildings.

The Jewish Quarter has 6 synagogues. Some of those include:

  • The Spanish Synagogue
  • Old-New Synagogue
  • Jewish Ceremonial Hall
  • The Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery is the oldest Jewish burial ground in the world.

The Jewish Quarter Walking Tour includes access to many of these buildings including the Jewish Museum.

Charles Bridge

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Charles Bridge is a gothic stone bridge that connects Old Town and Lesser Town. It has several baroque statues on the bridge and often vendors with stands line the bridge.

It has two towers at both ends called the Charles Bridge Towers. You can climb them to see a breathtaking view of Prague.

It’s a pedestrian zone only and the best time to beat the crowds is early morning or later in the evening.

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square located in the center of Prague and has many  attractions.

Here you’ll find:

  • Town Hall
  • Tyn Cathedral
  • The Church of St. Nicholas
  • The National Gallery

Naplavka Farmers Market in Prague

The Naplavka Farmers Market in Prague takes place every Saturday. Each week the vendors come together to sell:

  • fresh vegetables
  • coffee
  • cheese
  • fruit
  • baked goods
  • sausage
  • breads
  • cakes
  • pastries

In addition to all the vendors, the market also provides a scenic view on a river. The market serves meals, beer, wine, and offers live entertainment.

This is definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon in Prague!

Jirak Farmers Market

Another farmers markets worth stopping at is the Jirak Farmers Market. This market is in the affluent section of Prague and it’s a bit smaller than the Naplavka Farmer’s Market.

This market has:

  • fresh coffee
  • several bakeries
  • flower stands
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • hand-made crafts
  • restaurants

Don’t forget to stop by this mark during the days of Wednesday through Saturday.

The John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a wall dedicated to John Lennon and his ideas about peace and freedom of speech. The graffiti begain during a rebellion of youth against the regime.

It’s covered with images and political graffiti and has become a popular tourist attraction to stop and see.

Especially among Beatle fans!

Where to Stay When Visiting Prague

Old Town

Old Town is in the Prague 1 district and it’s the center of the city with the most activity. It’s easy to walk to most attractions, restaurants, bars, and hotels here.

It has a little bit of everything to offer tourists. There is history, culture, nightlife, dining, and shopping in this area. It has primarily 4 and 5 star hotels.

New Town

New Town located in Prague 1 district is an area with livelier nightlife because it has more bars, and pubs. Streets are wider and it has upscale hotels.

New Town is also home to The National Museum and an easily accessible train station.


Karlin located in the Prague 8 district is a quiet neighborhood with many fine restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

This area is for tourists that want a quieter area and don’t mind using trains and trams to get around.


Holesovice is near Letna Park in the Prague 7 district .

Lenta Park is full of activities that include:  walking trails, inline skate boarding. and many activities for adults and children.

This region is less expensive than other regions of Prague and has a few hotels and public transportation.

Best Time of Year To Visit Prague

The best time of year to visit Prague is in the fall when it’s less crowded and the temperatures are cooler.

We think it’s the best time of year to go because this is when all of the leaves change colors. It’s beautfiul!

And you’ll also find cheaper flights and hotel rates!

Just remember to bring warm clothing because it can get pretty chilly in Prague.

June through August is the busy tourist season.

If you don’t mind large crowds and waiting in long lines, then this isn’t a bad time for you to visit Prague.

The temperatures are comfortable and there are a few festivals that take place during the summer.

Some of the festivals include:

  • United Islands of Prague Festival
  • Bohemia Jazzfest
  • Prague Proms

Spring in Prague is another scenic season and there are less tourists. You’ll find reasonably priced hotels near the center of the city and you’ll also find cheaper airfare.

Like the fall, the weather is chilly…

So dress warm!

There are also several festivals that take place that include:

  • Prague International Marathon
  • Prague Food Festival
  • Sprague Spring Music Festival


If you couldn’t already tell…

Prague is an amazing city to visit!

One of the best cities in the world.

You should add it to your bucket list… Maybe go there with your significant other…

Have you been to Prague before? What were your favorite parts of the city?

Tell us all about it in the Comment Section!

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