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Marienplatz - visiting Munich

Planning on visiting Munich in the future?

You’ll definitely have a great time there!

Munich has tons of sights to see…

And tons of great beer to drink!

The capital of Bavaria lies right near the Bavarian Alps.

So not only is there historic buildings to see…

But you’ll also be in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany!

There is so much to see in Munich. But if you’re not careful with planning, you can run into some costly mistakes.

It’s important to know how to plan your trip and what to look out for before you go.

If you’ve never been to Munich before…

This article is for you!

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Getting Around Munich
  • What Currency Does Munich Use?
  • Top Things To Do In Munich
  • Where To Stay When Visiting Munich
  • Best Time To Visit Munich

Continue reading below to learn more about this amazing city!


Getting Around Munich

If you’re planning on staying near the city center and visiting the attractions…

Then that area is easy to walk around!

When you want to explore outside this area…

Then you’ll want to look at the public transportation system.

Munich is a city with a fantastic public transportation system. The system contains two parts: the underground system and the overground system.

The underground is an underground subway system that takes you from station to station.

The overground includes everything else: trains, trams, and buses.

The metro passes are a cheap option when it comes to getting around the city. You can buy a day pass for under €7 for a single adult or you can get a Partner Pass for less than €13. The Partner Pass covers up to 5 adults!


Flying In From The Airport?

The Munich Airport is less than 30 km northeast from the city center. The best ways to get to and from the airport are by bus or train. The buses run every 20 minutes and can get you to the city center in about 45 minutes.

Or you can take the train and get to the main central station in Munich in about the 45 minutes. The trains leave about every 10-20 minutes.

The Munich Airport is a major international airport and you can fly in and out with the following popular US airlines:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines


What Currency Does Munich Use?

Munich currently uses the euro for its currency. It’s important to note that the Euro is usually valued a little higher than the American Dollar.

You need to make sure you factor the exchange rate into your budget. It’s no fun running out of money in a foreign country!

Don’t forget to check the current exchange rate before you leave for your trip.


Top Things to See/Do In Munich


Hofbrauhaus is one of the most famous beer halls in Munich. It’s been around for centuries!

This large brewery can fit 3,500 people and serves dinners too. You’re not going to want to miss the nightly Bavarian buffet and entertainment.

Plan on sharing a table with other customers. Most of the tables are long and fit more than one party. So get a little tipsy and get to know the locals a bit!


The English Garden

The English Garden is a large public park in the city’s center.  The park is a great place to relax at! Here you’ll find gardens, sculptures, walking and biking trails, a lake, and soccer fields. It also has a Japanese tea house with regular ceremonies.

There’s also food and beer in case you get hungry!

The Seahaus is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It runs two beer gardens located inside the park.

The English Garden is a great place to spend a relaxing day outside when the weather is nice.


The Chinese Tower

Chinese Tower - Visiting Munich
FooTToo /

The Chinese Tower is a famous wooden beer garden in the English Garden. It’s shaped like a Chinese pagoda and it’s 25 meters high.

Often they have live music during the weekends and in the summer. It has about 7,000 seats in the self-service area and 500 in the service area.

It’s a great place to enjoy some good beer and relax outside!



Marienplatz - visiting Munich
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Marienplatz is the busiest and most popular square in Munch. There are tons of shops to buy and vendors lined down the plaza to sell their wares.

You’ll find street performers and musician performing regularly.  The restaurants in the plaza sell delicious German food and beer.

Don’t forget to wait around for the Rathaus-Glockenspiel! It’s a clock tower in the New Town Hall building with motorized figurines. The figurines perform every day at 11 AM and 5 PM!


Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady is one of the oldest church halls in southern Germany. It has gothic architecture, two dome-shaped towers, and ancient art inside.

Inside you will see figures of saints and prophets, and the tombs found in the Royal Vault. It also has choir windows from the 14th century.

The historic bells in the towers are famous and visitors can see the fantastic view from the South Tower. Admission is free.


Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum is where science and technology blend.

The museum has amazing exhibits on the following subjects:

  • astronomy
  • computers
  • environment
  • biotechnology
  • oceanography
  • technical toys
  • power machinery

There is a Center for Transportation that has several exhibits.  There is a special children’s section for science and technology.

The museum has a self-service restaurant, two cafes, and a wireless Internet cafe.



Viktulienmarkt is the oldest farmer’s market in Munich.

Here there are over 140 vendors selling anything ranging from:

  • fresh produce
  • meats
  • cheese
  • baked goods
  • flowers
  • sausage
  • handmade products
  • oils
  • candy
  • honey
  • coffee
  • beer
  • tons of beer

It’s a great place to stop for a stroll and late lunch or early breakfast. Or enjoy some beers at the beer garden!

The market is usually open 6 days a week, but it’s important you check the hours before you go.


Residenz Royal Palace 

Residenz Royal Palace has many special exhibits. It’s where the government and residents turned it into a palace. The museum has furniture art, tapestries, religious artifacts, and over 130 rooms.

Some of the highlights include the Crown of Jewels, a theater, a concert hall, and a large collection of Egyptian art.

On the outside of the palace, there are fountains, courtyards, a chapel, and a medicine room.

It’s an amazing building to see!


St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church is one of the oldest and smallest churches in Munich.

On the second floor, you’ll find the skeletal remains of Saint Mundita embedded with gold and jewels.

The city added a steeple in the 17th century and renovated it in Rocco style.

The best part about the church is the view from the steeple. Visitors can climb steeple for a great panoramic view of the city. This is the best place to take pictures of the city!


Where to Stay When Visiting Munich


Altstadt is a neighborhood located in the center of Munich. Here you’ll find cobblestone streets, upscale hotels, diverse restaurants, and interesting shops.

It’s a really charming neighborhood!

Here are some of the amazing attractions in this neighborhood:

  • Town Hall
  • Viktulienmarkt
  • Residenz Royal Palace
  • Hofbrauhaus

And the main train station is only a few blocks away!

This is the best neighborhood is you want to stay close to all the action!


Located in the northeast corner is a neighborhood called Lehel. It’s right near the Isar River and the English Garden.

You’ll find a ton of great attractions in this neighborhood. Some of the attractions include historical museums, theaters, cinemas, and shopping.

With upscale hotels and good restaurants, this is an excellent location to stay at.


When you’re seeking a bohemian neighborhood, Schwabing meets the specifications. On the streets, you’ll find cafes, bars, museums, and restaurants.

Enjoy browsing in bookstores and stopping to relax at cafes. This neighborhood has students and young families. 

The Alte Pinakothek Art Museum is also located in this neighborhood. So if you’re an art lover, there’s a great chance to see 18th and 19th-century art here.


Leim is a relaxed neighborhood that is centrally located. It features the English Garden and the modern art museum the Brandhorst Museum. It has many apartments and condos to rent.


Hiddenhausen is the French Quarter of Munich! Here you’ll find delicious food and an active nightlife.

It has many ethnic restaurants you’re going to have to try while you’re there. And after you’re done with dinner, there are many bars and clubs to visit in the evening.


Best Time of Year to Visit Munich

The busiest season is summer when temperatures rise and families travel the most. Be prepared for long lines and many tourists.

Fall is a busy time for tourism in Munich due to the beer festivals.

Oktoberfest starts towards the end of September and ends in early October. The dates in 2018 were from September 22 – October 7.

If you’re planning on visiting Munich for Oktoberfest, here are 3 things you need to keep in mind:

  • hotel rates are going to be at their highest
  • you need to make your reservations well ahead of time
  • there’s going to be huge crowds in Munich

You’re going to want to make sure you know where to find the best travel deals if you’re visiting Munich this time of year.

If you hate crowds…

Visit Munich from March through May. The weather is warmer and fewer crowds make the trip more enjoyable.

Prices for hotels and tickets for airfare are lower during this time of year.  It’s also great weather to enjoy the cafes and beer gardens outside.

But if you want even fewer crowds…

The winter is a great time to visit for lower travel rates. The winter months are cold but there are much smaller crowds and even cheaper travel accommodations.

If you don’t mind the cold weather…

We recommend visiting Munich during the winter!



Doesn’t Munich sound awesome?

It’s a really fun city. You’ll have a great time when you visit!

There are so many great sights to see…

It’s in a beautiful part of the world…

And don’t forget about the best part…

Great beer and food!

Remember: It’s important to plan out your trip before you go. You want to limit any unwanted surprises and make sure your trip goes as smooth as possible.

And don’t forget to favorite this page if you need to go over it again!

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Have you ever been to Munich?

We want to hear why you love the city!

Tell us about it in the Comment Section!


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