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visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin is a must do experience if anyone has the chance to visit Germany. The capital of Germany has a rich history and amazing sights to see everywhere you go.

It’s also the biggest partying city in Germany and one of the best places to get wild in all of Western Europe.

If you’re single without kids, then Berlin has the nightlife for you!

Not single and have kids?

Don’t worry, Berlin is still an amazing city to explore and experience.

So are you planning a trip to Berlin?

Great! This post is perfect for you to read so you can get started on planning your trip.

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Getting Around Berlin
  • What Currency Does Berlin Use?
  • Top Things To Do In Berlin
  • Where To Stay When Visiting Berlin
  • Best Time To Visit Berlin

Continue reading below to learn more about this amazing city!


Getting Around Berlin

visiting Berlin
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Berlin is a city where a rental car isn’t necessary. The public transportation system in Berlin is one of the best systems in Europe.

The cheapest and most efficient ways to get around the city are the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn.

The S-Bahn is the light rail transportation and the U-Bahn is the subway or underground transportation.

A day pass for all travel zones for the S-Bahn and U-Bahn only costs €7.70. You should definitely get the day pass whenever you need to take either option more than 2 times in a day.

If you know you’re going to be taking the S-Bahn or U-Bahn a lot during your trip, a 7-day pass only costs €37.50.

And if you’re traveling with kids…

Kids ages 6 – 14 travel at a reduced cost and kids under 6 travel free!


Flying Into The Airport?

There are two main airports you can use to fly into Berlin: Tegel Airport and Schoenefeld Airport.

Schoenefeld Airport is your best option if you are flying within Europe. This airport works with more of the budget airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet. This airport is usually a cheaper option if you can find a flight that works for you. But it’s important to note that this airport has limited options for airlines and it’s farther away from the city than Tegel Airport. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the city center from Schoenefeld Airport.

Notable major airlines that operate out of Schoenefeld Airport:

  • Easy Jet
  • Norwegian Air
  • Ryan Air

Tegel Airport is going to be your best option if you’re flying into Berlin from the US. This airport has more international options than Schoenefeld Airport. Traveling through Tegel Airport is very convenient because it’s only 20 minutes away from the city center.

Notable major airlines that operate out of Tegel Airport:

  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • United Airlines

There are several cheap and easy options when it comes to transportation to and from both airports. The S-Bahn trains run to and from both airports 24/7. The ticket fare for both airports is €3.40. You can also take the public buses for the same ticket fare amount.


What Currency Does Berlin Use?

Berlin currently uses the Euro as its form of currency. It’s important to note that the Euro is usually valued slightly higher than the US dollar.

This is important for you to know when it comes to planning your trip to Berlin. Knowing that 1 US dollar only equals around €0.85 can help you set the appropriate budget for your trip. Make sure you check the exchange rate before you leave.


Tops Things to Do See in Berlin

Museum Island

Museum Island has five museums located on the tiny island in River Spree at the center of Berlin.

All five museums focus on different time periods of German art and history.

The five museums are the Old National Gallery, the Old Museum, The Neues Museum, Bode Museum, and the Pergamon Museum.

The museums are being restored and visitors can get there by bus or from the station. Visitors can pay separate museums fees or get a three-day pass for all museums.

Walking around seeing the gardens and architecture is another benefit of visits. Some of the museums have restaurants and gift shops.


Eastside Gallery

Eastside Gallery is one of the longest sections of the Berlin Wall at 1 mile in length. Many artists from around world have painted murals on the wall depicting the end of the Cold War. This section of the wall is now a monument to the city of Berlin. It currently has over 100 murals painted on it!

The Eastside Gallery is free to visit and open 24 hours a day.  You can arrange a tour of the area if you’re visiting with a large group.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews is a Holocaust memorial that consists of 2,711 concrete blocks. Some of the concrete blocks reach over 6 feet in height.

You can walk along the blocks and visit the underground visitors’ center to learn more about the history of this event.

The exhibits show the persecution and murder of European Jews through photos, text, and portraits.

The memorial is there to teach us about those that lost their lives during this dark period in time.

The information center is open Tuesday through Sunday.


Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is the main plaza in Berlin and hosts a lot of attractions for tourists.

There is a museum dedicated to German film and television. You can also find the largest theater in Berlin in this plaza.

This plaza has fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and fine restaurants to dine at. There are also special art exhibits and sculptures on display throughout the area.

And if you’re looking to get your shopping on…

It has a large mall for tourists to shop at!



Tiergarten is a 630-acre park that once served as a hunting ground in the 17th century Berlin.

The park has many wooded walk paths, sculptures, and gardens to behold. You can bike, walk, and sit at the lakeside cafe. It free and open to the public.

And another awesome feature about Tiergarten is…

There is a great zoo for families located within the park!

Zooloschiger Garten Berlin has over 17,000 species of animals to see. There are hippos, penguins, bears, birds, and an aquarium.  It’s open daily with admission and the zoo’s hours vary by season.

Make sure you check out Tiergarten while you’re in Berlin!


Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace was a summer palace for the royal family that the city renovated in the 18th century.

The grounds have a tea room, gardens, baroque style rooms, porcelain collection, and gorgeous pieces of art. The palace also has a museum for Pre-History and Early History.

You can purchase combo tickets to see the interior of the palace and the grounds.


TV Tower

visiting Berlin - Berlin TV Tower
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TV Tower is one of the tallest towers in Berlin. The tower is 650 feet tall and you can take an elevator to the top for amazing views. There is also a restaurant and bar that rotates called the Sphere. So buy a meal and some drinks once you get to the top!

The view of Berlin is breathtaking and well worth the admission fee. The lobby has a bar with cold drinks and snacks, and a souvenir shop.


Where to Stay In Berlin

Prenzlauer Bauer

Prenzlauer Bauer is a bohemian neighborhood with nightlife, wine bars, and retail shops. It has a slower pace and is a good place for families to stay.

On weekends you will be able to dine at the cafes, shop at the many unique outlets, and find an open market to visit. The area is well connected to public transportation for tourist to get around.


Friedrichshain is a traditional neighborhood that displays the historical side of Berlin. You’ll be right next to the Eastside Gallery and the Berlin Wall if you decide to stay in this area.

Another bonus is that Friedrichshain also has good restaurants and nice hotels. It’s definitely one of our favorite neighborhoods in Berlin!


Kreuzberg is an alternative neighborhood that some would describe as a hippie environment. This area has plenty of clubs, shops, restaurants, bars, and hostels. Stay here if you have an open mind and like an active nightlife.


Neukolln is a comfortable residential neighborhood. It’s a huge park that once was an airport. When the weather is nice, this area is always great for taking a walk or going for a bike ride.

This neighborhood is full of entertainment options that include: diverse restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, art galleries, and shopping.


Mitte is in the center of Berlin and it’s a busy spot in the city. Stay here when you want to be where the action is. It has many high-end hotels, historic sites, and art galleries. There are many attractions that are within walking distance of this neighborhood.


Schoenberg is a very quiet neighborhood that has quaint art galleries, cafes, live music, shops, and restaurants. It’s a great option that’s still close to busy tourist spots, but away from all the noise.


Charlottenburg is an upscale neighborhood and a cultural hotspot. This area has everything from theaters, music, art, shopping, and parks. It’s a quiet residential neighborhood for those that want a slower pace.


Best Time to Visit Berlin

The most popular time for tourists to visit Berlin is spring through fall.  This time of year has moderate temperatures and it’s the best time to walk around Berlin take in the sites.

It’s important to note that bigger tourist crowds alway raise travel rates. So expect hotel and airline prices to go up…

And be ready to wait in long lines at attractions longer!

Make sure you book your travel early to keep ahead of the crowds as much as possible.

Want to save some money and avoid those crowds?

Try the winter season from January through April.

Hotels fees and airfare is going to be cheaper during this time of year.

But here are the downsides to the winter:

  • The temperatures are extremely cold
  • Attractions might not stay open as long

If you can deal with that, then the winter is a great time to visit Berlin!



Well, now you’re ready to start planning your future trip to Berlin!

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit jealous you get to go there soon. It’s a really fun city to visit!

Have you already visited Berlin?

What was your favorite part about the city? Did you check out the nightlife while you were there?

Tell us about it in the Comment Section!


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