Visiting Barcelona | Everything You Need To Know

Thinking about visiting Barcelona soon?

Or maybe you’re already there and you didn’t plan things out too well…

Whatever the case is…

This article is for you!

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and the city sees millions of tourists each year.

In fact, the amount of tourists is so bad that the city is trying to restrict the number of tourists allowed to visit each year.

The reason for the surplus of tourists is due to the high amount of stunning sights to see. And the beautiful weather makes the city a tropical paradise for a good part of the year.

To make sure you get the most out of your trip to Barcelona…

You’re going to want to plan and prepare yourself for this huge city.

And that’s where we come in to help!

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Getting Around Barcelona
  • What Currency Does Barcelona Use?
  • Top Things To Do In Barcelona
  • Where To Stay When Visiting Barcelona
  • Best Time To Visit Barcelona

Continue reading below to learn more about this amazing city!


Getting Around Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the best transportation systems in Europe. Getting around is pretty quick and easy!

Depending on where you need to go during your visit, the metro is a great option for getting around town.

You can buy a bulk ticket that is good for up to 10 rides. This is the most cost-effective method because it’s cheaper than buying a single ride. And you’ll probably need to ride the metro more than once.

The only con about the metro is that a lot of thieves and pickpocketers lurk around the trains and stations.

Just make sure you keep an eye on your valuables. And it’s also a great idea to wear a money belt!

The bus is another great public transportation option in Barcelona. The buses are a little safer than the metro and they can get you anywhere you need to get.

The only downsides are…

The buses will take longer to get from place to place and they get incredibly busy during rush hour time (5-7PM).

Another great option for getting around town is to just walk! Most of the attractions in Barcelona are walking distance if you’re in the heart of the city.

Caution: You might want to avoid walking during the hot months of the summer.

Flying In From The Airport?

The Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the closest international airport to the city center.

The airport is only about 14 km southwest of the city center. And there are plenty of options to get to the city center after you land!

The easiest ways to get to and from the airport are by bus, train or metro.

Another great feature is the airport works with most of the popular airlines in the world. So it should be easy for you to pick an airline to fly with!

Here are popular airlines from the United States that fly in and out of Barcelona-El Prat:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines



What Currency Does Barcelona Use?

Barcelona currently uses the Euro as its form of currency. It’s important to plan out how much cash you’ll need to bring with you before you go.

Keep in mind that the Euro is usually valued a little higher than the American Dollar. Make sure you check the exchange rate before you go.


Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Barri Gotic

Barri Gotic is one of the oldest and well-known neighborhoods in Barcelona. It represents medieval Barcelona and the type of architecture of that time.

You’ll find some of the best architectural landmarks in the city here!

This neighborhood hosts landmarks like Le Su Cathedral and the central plaza, Placa Sant Jaume.

This region has many cafes and bars designed for stopping after shopping. It has many unique shops and street performers on sunny days.


La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is a seaside neighborhood that you’ll definitely enjoy. The resort has great beaches, restaurants, shopping and water sports.

If that’s not enough…

Ride a bike, walk through the neighborhood, or be daring and take a cable car ride.

The activities are endless!

For sightseeing, the neighborhood has the Museum of Catalan History and the Aquarium of Barcelona. The historical center of Barcelona has restaurants, shops, and bars. It also has a market with fresh seafood and a deli every morning.


Port Olympic

Port Olympic is another seaside neighborhood called “the gateway to the beaches of the Mediterranean”. And that’s because it has a subway station not far from the beaches!

The Citudella Park located in this seaside area has a zoo for adults and children. This area has delicious seafood restaurants, shops, and cinema. Sunbathing, swimming, and sailing are other popular activities here.


Guell Park

Guell Park - Visiting Barcelona
Luciano Mortula – LGM /

Guell Park has some of the architecture and sculptures of Antoni Gaudi. When you enter the park, you’ll find a gift shop, guided tours, and a bar.

There is a neat staircase with many fountains and water features that lead to a giant lizard sculpture.

At Nature Square, you’ll see a great view of Barcelona. There are many passageways in the park called viaducts. There is a museum that once was Antoni Audi’s home with furnishings and antiques.

Here are some other things you’ll like about Guell Park:

  • Mock indoor marketplace
  • Playground for kids
  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • And it’s dog-friendly!


Montjuic Castle

Montjuic Castle is a military fortress from the 17th century. The fortress lies on the coast near the Mediterranean sea and has a moat and beautiful gardens.

Walking on the grounds is free but the entrance to the castle has an admission fee.

Inside the castle are special historical exhibits with artifacts, artwork, photos, and weapons.

But the best part about the castle is…

You can ride a cable car up to the castle. At the top, there is a 365-degree viewing station of the entire city. So you’ll have stunning views of the city and the sea surrounding it!


La Sagrada Familia Church

La Sagrada Familia Church is the masterpiece from the architect Antoni Gaudi. He spent 1822 to 1926 on its construction.

Even though the church remains unfinished… public donations continue to fund the church’s ongoing construction.

The church is huge and its’ style contains Gothic and Art Nouveau elements. It’s part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s simply one of the most beautiful buildings you’ll ever see!

The interior has huge stone columns, a crypt, long wooden benches, stone stairs, exhibits, and displays.

The detailed Nativity Facade has many individual religious carvings…

And the building has tons of beautiful, stained glass windows…

Just trust us…

You need to see this church!


Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is an apartment or home that architect Antoni Gaudi designed for a rich family.

It’s made of stone with terraces and skeletal shaped windows. Inside there is very interesting art and architecture. There is also an amazing hand carved wooden staircase.

Other features include a study that has a salon and a fireplace, and there’s an artsy patio outside.

The architecture of the home is definitely unique, to say the least!


Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia features 13th-century Gothic architecture.

In the inside of the church, there are many stained glass windows along the towering walls. They’re gorgeous! The church also has a beautifully carved choir stall, and the crypt is another popular place to see when you tour here.

On the outside, the cloisters overlook a tropical garden with a courtyard. There are several statues on the grounds. And there is also a museum you can visit while you’re there!


Las Rambalas

Las Rambalas is a major tourism sector of Barcelona. It has cobblestone streets and is busy day and night. It has a seedy quality at night with bars and a red light district.

There are many hostels, hotels, and apartments to stay here. There are several statues and a mosaic in the area and great shopping.

They have an Erotica museum for adults and the modern market to shop at. When visiting this area be sure to protect your belongings.


Where to Stay When Visiting Barcelona

Bari Gothic

The Gothic quarter or Bari Gothic is the center of the old town. Here you will find a historic museum, diverse restaurants, shops, bars, and art galleries.

You will find some of the less expensive accommodations here too. Take caution at night when walking or going out.

El Ravel

A more upscale area is El Ravel with high-end art galleries, bars, and restaurants. It has a museum of contemporary art and some very upscale hotels.

Sant Pera and La Ribera

Sant Pera and La Ribera are medieval styled neighborhoods. They have churches, art galleries, architecture, museums, and moderately priced accommodations.


The Eixample includes two areas of Barcelona: Dreta and Esquerra. You’ll find some of the best hotels here in the form of mansions and palaces.

This neighborhood has exceptional restaurants, bars, and nightlife. It also has an open-air museum with amazing buildings. So if you’re someone that likes to explore a city, this neighborhood is for you!


The Waterfront in Barcelona is a scenic place to stay. Neighborhoods along the water are Port VellBarceloneta, and Port  Olympic

All these neighborhood feature beaches, shopping, hotels, and restaurants. Each area is different but features scenic views and interesting activities.


When you’re looking for a bohemian neighborhood Gracia is a good location and is a small town. It is easy to walk to the many restaurants, bars, and clubs nearby. It has hostels and luxury hotels to stay at.


Best Time of Year to Visit Barcelona

The summer season is a busy time to visit Barcelona. The weather is warm and the days stay light until around 9:30 p.m.

This is the time of year when all the attractions are open and several music festivals take place.

It’s important to note that hotel prices are usually at their highest during this time of year. So make sure you do your research before you go and look at the best sites for finding travel deals.

The spring and fall have fewer crowds and prices are lower on accommodations. There are many festivals with arts and craft, entertainment and food.

The winter has the lowest prices for accommodations. This is one of our favorite times to go because we enjoy cooler weather.

Another benefit to visiting during the winter is fewer crowds to deal with.

It’s important to note that not all attractions are open during the winter. And if they are open, some of them operate on shorters days during this time of year.

Make sure you do some research on the attractions you want to visit and their hours during the winter.



We hope you’re able to use this article to begin planning your trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona.

It’s an amazing city with so much to see…

You could probably spend a month there and still not see everything!

But planning the right way can help you see as much as possible.

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

What did you love about the city?

Tell us about it in the Comment Section!

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