28 Photos Of Switzerland That Will Make You Want To Move There ASAP

photos of switzerland

Looking at stunning photos of Switzerland always seems to get my wanderlust bug going.

I don’t know if you know this…


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Have you ever been?

Well, there is no shortage of views there. That’s for sure.

Sitting in a prime location in the middle of the Alps… One could only expect beautiful landscapes in Switzerland.

I guess to break it down simply…

You either get a beautiful mountain town.

Or a beautiful lake town.

Or a beautiful lake town in the mountains.

It’s a win-win, right?

We love the country so much, we put this post together to share our favorite places in Switzerland.

Write some of these down for whenever you visit the country someday.

You’re going to want to visit some of these places!


1) Montreux

Zcenerio / Shutterstock


2) Wengen

Songtam Srinakarin / Shutterstock


3) St. Moritz

giovanni boscherino / Shutterstock


4) Thun

SvetlanaZakharova / Shutterstock


5) Rapperswil

Denis Linine / Shutterstock


6) Gampel-Bratsch

welcomia / Shutterstock


7) Davos

Boris-B / Shutterstock


8) Murren

Victor FlowerFly / Shutterstock


9) Diessenhofen

trabantos / Shutterstock


10) Gimmelwald

Owen Weber / Shutterstock.com


11) Lucerne

RossHelen / Shutterstock


12) Spiez

Natali Glado / Shutterstock


13) Geneva

Taesik Park / Shutterstock


14) Zurich

PatchW / Shutterstock


15) Bosco Gurin

Dariya92300 / Shutterstock


16) Interlaken

Sirichai netthong / Shutterstock


17) Mount Rigi

Oscity / Shutterstock


18) Ticino

elesi / Shutterstock


19) Nyon

LO Kin-hei / Shutterstock


20) Staubach

gevision / Shutterstock


21) Zermatt

Lee Yiu Tung / Shutterstock


22) Weggis

gevision / Shutterstock


23) Tschiertschen

razzel / Shutterstock


24) Baden

Oscity / Shutterstock


25) Arosa

razzel / Shutterstock


26) Bern

PatchW / Shutterstock


27) Matterhorn

Simon Dannhauer / Shutterstock


28) Lucerne

photos of switzerland
little_larc / Shutterstock



Do you see what I mean?


Sign me up for those mountains, I’ll be on the next flight over ( I’m a sucker for mountains 😀 ).

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

Where is your favorite spot at?

Tell us about it in the Comment Section!

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