The 21 Best Sites For Finding Travel Deals

Best Sites For Finding Travel Deals

Traveling can get very expensive if you don’t know the best sites for finding travel deals.

The whole travel planning process can get pretty stressful.

First, you need the plane tickets.

Then you need a place to stay.

You might also need a rental car to get around town.

And then you’re going to want to treat yourself with dining out and entertainment.

Traveling expenses add up fast.

But booking vacations on the right travel sites can really help your bank account out.

Sometimes you can book a trip on one site and save $100s compared to the first booking site you were looking at.

If you’re one of those people that look for any deal you can get while traveling…

Then we’ve put this post together for you!

This is our list of the best sites for finding travel deals!

Each one of these sites specializes in at least one of the following:

  • hotels
  • cruises
  • rental cars
  • vacation packages

So if you’re in the process of planning a vacation and looking for the best deals around the web…

Give these websites a shot!

And if you do become a master at finding the best travel deals…

Best Sites For Finding Travel Deals
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21) FlyerTalk Forums

FlyerTalk Forums might be the best travel website that doesn’t actually provide deals on travel. The website uses a word of mouth method from travel experts to post the best current deals.

It’s like the Reddit for traveling!

Check the website every few days to keep up with some of the best deals in the travel industry. Trending threads show up on the homepage so you can see what the recent buzz is.


  • Talk and listen to other travelers just like you!
  • Threads about destinations, miles and points, airports, and dining


20) Travelzoo is a site where you can actually trust that you’re getting a good deal when you visit. The travel experts on the site review and confirm that each deal is legit.

Travelzoo specializes in finding deals on vacation packages, hotels, resorts, and cruises. The website is great at finding discounts on vacation deals that include airfare.

So if you’re not picky about the itinerary for your trip, you might be able to find a great deal for you on Travelzoo.


  • Latest deals and news on packaged vacations, hotels, going out, cruises, and resorts
  • Offers from over 2,000 travel and entertainment companies
  • The experts on the Travelzoo team confirm each offer before listing it


19) Skiplagged

Skiplagged specializes in a unique method to get travelers cheaper flights. The deals work as long as they’re willing to disembark in the city of their connecting flight.

So say you want to travel to Washington D.C from Orlando…

It’s possible there is a cheaper flight to New York City from Orlando with a layover in Washington D.C…

So you would just get off in D.C. and save money at the same time!


  • An algorithm that shows you the cheapest regular flights and hidden-city flights
  • Provides “skiplagged rates” of up to 50% on hotel stays


18) Priceline

Priceline will give you the opportunity to save up to 60% on hotel rooms. The only catch is you won’t know what hotel you’re staying at until after you book.

All you do is select the star rating of your preference, the number of nights you need, and the area you want to stay in.

Then Priceline will present you with the price of your hotel stay. Once you pay, you’ll find out where you’re staying.

So if you’re like me, and like to know exactly what you’re getting into… this isn’t the best site for you.


  • Daily deals on flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, and car rentals
  • Best price guaranteed or they will price match competitor offers
  • 24/7 customer support


17) trivago

Trivago is the largest hotel search engine in the world. This site sees over 1.4 billion users use the site each year!

Trivago acts as the middleman in the booking process. You’ll find the cheap deals using the search engine, but you’ll need to book the hotel through the booking site trivago finds for you.


  • The search engine compares prices for over 400 booking sites and 1.8 million hotels across over 190 countries
  • Over 175 million hotel ratings and 19 million hotel images


16) Orbitz

The search engine on Orbitz works directly with airlines to find you the cheapest flight options. The Flexible Date Search allows you to search for tickets 3 days before or after your preferred date of departure.

This is a solid option if your departure date is not set in stone.


  • Free loyalty program that offers rewards and discounts
  • Mobile app for easy booking and even more rewards and discounts


15) AirGorilla

AirGorilla is a great resource for anyone looking to book international travel. Use this site if you’re looking to book rail tickets in Europe or looking for an adventure package like a safari.


  • Fare finder that scans 100’s of airlines, over 500,000 air routes, and over 70,000 hotels
  • Featured destinations that include vacation packages to exotic places around the world


14) Hotwire

Hotwire offers last minute deals on flights, hotels, cars, and vacation packages. But the site’s specialty is finding deals on rental cars.

Hotwire can help you find the best car rental rates using the rental car companies they partner with.


  • Last minute travel deals that include savings of up to 43% on airfare, 60% on hotels, and car rentals as low as $11.95 per day
  • Offers 2-star pricing on 4-star hotels (but they don’t show you the name of the hotel you’re selecting)


13) Travelocity

Travelocity allows you to mix and match your hotel, flight, and car options. This provides more flexibility than other vacations packages with predetermined itineraries.


  • Search prices from over 400 airlines and over 320,000 hotels worldwide
  • Update your booked plans without any charges or cancel fees
  • Price match guaranteed


12) Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog is perfect for travelers that can take their vacations whenever they please. This site provides last minute deals when airlines look to fill up their planes before their departures


  • You sign up for airfare alerts out of your home airport or desired destination
  • You receive deals directly in your inbox whenever Airfarewatchdog finds them for you


11) Expedia

Expedia is one of the most well-known travel booking sites. The site offers bookings for flights, hotels, cruises, and cars and everything else in the realm of travel.

We personally think it’s a great site to start with whenever you start planning a trip. Expedia is not known for the best prices. But it has everything you will need and you might get lucky with a deal.

A great feature Expedia offers when booking airfare is its price match guarantee. When you buy your tickets, you can pay an extra $6 for the price match. This allows you to check the price of the flight you purchase to make sure you got the best deal.

And if you find the same flight for a cheaper price, Expedia reimburses you the difference!


  • Over 1 million flights, hotels, and vacation packages to search from
  • No cancellation fee for changing or canceling a hotel reservation from Expedia
  • Price match guarantee on booked flights


10) Groupon

Groupon is a great site for packaged vacations and small getaways.

If you hate planning, take advantage of their international destination packages. These trips already have your itinerary mapped out for you. And they include hotels and airfare!

You can also use Groupon to find good deals on hotels and short cruises for small getaways.


  • Save up to $100s on vacation packages with airfare and hotel bookings included
  • Find last minute deals on nearby destinations for a weekend getaway


9) Jetsetter

Jetsetter is a great place to hear from all the experts in the industry. This site features over 200 of the best journalists offering their recommendations on the best deals on trips and hotels.


  • Insider access and expert knowledge from real people that actually stayed at the recommended hotels on the site
  • The Jetsetter verified stamp means someone on their team stayed at the property


8) HomeAway

HomeAway is a lesser known version of Airbnb. This site allows you to book vacations rentals from people that are renting out their homes or condos on the HomeAway site.

Searching for a place to stay is simple and it’s easy to communicate with the property owner once you book a vacation stay. They can provide access to maps, directions, and WIFI passwords before you even show up for your stay.

Another Airbnb-like feature is the ability to leave reviews for other travelers to read.

If your someone that looks at reviews before buying something…

You can comfortably decide on a vacation rental based on what past guests have said about it!


  • Vacation rentals from over 2 million home and 190 countries
  • Easy communication with the property owner before and during stay
  • Ability to write reviews about your experience and read reviews of what others have to say before you book a location


7) Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the best apps for finding good deals on airline tickets. The Skyscanner algorithm compares millions of flight prices to ensure their users receive the best deals on airfare.

The app allows users to set price alerts for desired trips and provides updates whenever it detects a price change.

You can also sign up for Skyscanner’s email list to receive daily flight deals and last minute deals.


  • Millions of fight options, hotels, and car rentals to choose from
  • Set price alerts on their award-winning travel app and get notified when the best prices show up


6) Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats is a site that allows travelers to book vacation rentals in luxurious villas and mansions around the world. It’s basically a boujee or high-end version of Airbnb.

The website claims it uses a 240+ criteria checklist when selecting the vacation rentals they offer on their website. So you can rest assured that you’re definitely paying for a top of the line rental.

Luxury Retreats also provides 24/7 concierge service for its customers. So you’re really going to get pampered if you book through the site!


  • Over 4,000 carefully chosen villas in the most stunning destinations in the world
  • Price matching on booked villas so you know you’re getting the best deal no matter what
  • 24/7 Customer Service to make sure your experience is nothing short of spectacular


5) CheapOair

CheapOair is another great option for finding deals on flights. Along with flights, you can also search for deals on car rentals, hotels, and vacation packages.


  • Easy online booking to ensure you have a smooth experience
  • Price match guarantee on competitor websites
  • 24/7 customer service


4) Kayak

Kayak is one of our favorite travel apps. It’s a great resource for setting price alerts for plane tickets and hotel bookings.

Once you set a watchlist for the destinations you want to travel to, Kayak will email you early every morning to let you know if the prices have gone up or down.


  • Set up price alerts in the mobile app and get the best prices sent to your inbox each morning
  • Compare prices directly against their competitors’ deals


3) Airbnb

Airbnb is no longer a secret. It’s one of the most efficient ways to travel. As long as you have no problem staying in a strangers property… you’ll have no problem finding cheaper alternatives on this site.


  • Over 5 million places to stay at, over 81,000 cities, and over 190 countries
  • Direct communication with the property owners to ensure your stay is a smooth one
  • Tailored activities for purchase to help you make plans in the city you’re staying in


2) Momondo

Momondo is a great traveler’s resource not only for finding deals on travel but for also planning a trip based on your preferences.

If you’re not sure where you want to go, then this is site has an awesome feature that will give you suggestions.

So if you’re a beach lover…

Or a nature lover…

Or a want to find a great city to see…

Momondo has plenty of deals to cater to your needs!


  • Travel tips, hacks, and industry insights from expert travelers
  • Trending cities and countries for trip inspiration
  • Endorsed by the New York Times, Frommer’s, and CNN


1) Google Flights

Google Flights is our favorite tool for finding cheap plane tickets. It deserves its own blog post on how neat it is!

You start by entering your departure airport, the city you want to travel to, and the date(s) you want to travel on.

Once you hit “Search” you’ll see a list of airlines and prices for your selected airports. The tickets are then priced from lowest to highest.

Sounds pretty normal, right?

But that’s not all!

Google Flights will also show you cheaper dates to fly on if your schedule is flexible. You’re also provided prices trends for days you can by cheaper tickets on.

Google Flights might also suggest a better airport for you to fly into if there is another option.

Then the final feature is offering tips that range from booking the best hotel and flight packages to what to see and do in the city you’re traveling to.


  • It’s Google. They run the web 🙂



Well, now you at least have some options when it comes to booking your next vacation.

Shop around and see where you can get the best bang for your buck!

You might even end up using a combination of sites if it can help you save. There’s no right or wrong way to do it!

Check out this post if you would like more tips on finding cheap airfare!

Do you have any experience using any of the sites listed above?

What do you recommend?

Tell us about it in the Comment Section?

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